Vertebral Chart Information

Most of us received our first Vertebral Subluxation during the birthing process, the twisting and pulling through the birthing canal creates a C1 subluxation. If left untreated, Subluxation will worsen to the point of Vertebral Subluxation Degeneration.

The pictures shown in the chart above are of the various stages of Vertebral Subluxation Degeneration. Everyday natural occurrences such as turning your neck to cradle a phone, jumping on a trampoline, or possibly a previous back injury or neck injury, will cause Vertebral Subluxation.

Vertebral Subluxation Degeneration is no simple matter, and could lead to serious spinal damage in the future. Thus, check ups are recommended to maintain and prevent future degeneration. The normal “textbook” spine is aligned correctly and is without signs of degeneration or Subluxation. Phase one is slightly more severe, as damage has been done to the soft tissue and misalignment has occurred. With regular Chiropractic care, near normal spinal correction may be obtained. Phase two physiologically is quite degenerated, with disc narrowing, bone spurs, and nerve irritation. Fusing of vertebral bones is a possibility at this stage and should be checked and care started immediately by a Chiropractor to slow the process and begin the improvement of the degeneration. Phase three is when joints have immobilized, bone has fusion, and extensive scar tissue has formed. With the correct Chiropractic care, there is a good chance that the process of degeneration may be slowed or stopped. Phase four Is complete fusion of vertebrae. With continual Chiropractic care, further effects can be prevented or stopped.

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