Headache/Migraine Care


migraineHeadaches can be aggravated by tension, stress, sinuses, and chemical factors while many other factors may be suspected also.

According to the New England Medical Journal, 93% of all headaches are from the neck.

The British Medical Journal states that up to 97% of all headaches are from the neck.

Migraines are severe debilitating headaches.

Sometimes migraines are accompanied with sound and/or light sensitivity, even nausea. Most migraines also begin or originate from the neck area. Headaches and migraines are not from a dietary deficiency of pain relievers in your diet! Pain relievers really only cover up the pain. The use of these allow the patient to suffer with this condition for years as well as suffer from long effects from the side effects of over the counter medication.

Chiropractic goes after the root cause of headaches and migraines.

The brain controls and coordinates the entire body through the central nervous system. To have this all important system throbbing in pain and to cover up that pain with medications is downright dangerous. Chiropractic goes after the cause of headaches by specifically and gently realigning the spinal vertebrae (neck bones). Headaches, as well as migraines not only respond well to spinal adjustments, but often they reoccur with less frequency and less intensity, in many cases never to return again!


"Before I came to see Dr. Sammy I could hardly bend, and now that I have been to Dr. Sammy I can bend over, I can touch my toes. He has definitely improved my quality of life. I owe so much to him. He will definitely change your life."

Brenda Davis

"I came to him to get help with my allergies. At first I was a little skeptical because you think how can a chiropracter help with allergies, right? He has these little wands that give me pressure where my sinuses are. He gives me electronic acupuncture. It really really helps keep my sinuses clear and I use to have to take allergy medicine every single day; and in the springtime more than once a day, and now I have probably taken three all year. He’s really helped me tremendously."

Carol Short

"I came to see Dr. Sammy because I had a significant difficulty with one of my shoulders. It was a very painless process, it worked very quickly. We were done in four to five minutes each time and within a very short period of time—two or three weeks—in my particular case, I started to see significant improvements in mobility and so it’s been a great experience for me."

Ed Balli

"Two days ago I fell and hurt my right shoulder and I literally couldn’t use my arm, I came to Sammy yesterday and then I came back again today and I can actually use my arm now. Thank you Dr. Sammy."

Nancy Trice

"I was in an accident in November and started chiropractic care because of excessive pain in my back and neck.  I have had back pain off and on  since I was a teenager due to Scoliosis, an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine and I would take the pain killer Advil as needed.  After several visits, I am pain free right now.  I can now continue working out at the gym 4 days a week and maintain a better quality of life and I owe it all to Dr. Sammy Hardin."

Jeff Postell

"I own a dog grooming shop and groom full time.  This involves a lot of lifting.  I also have horses that I like to work and have fun with.  Both of these activities requires a lot of arm and shoulder strain.  I have frequently, for the last 25 years, pulled a muscle in my lower back.  Even though I could barely lift my left arm because of the pain I had for 5 months, it was ultimately the pull in my lower back that brought me to see Dr. Hardin in March.  Up until this time it was a chore to just put my horses in their stalls to feed them let alone do anything fun with them.  After a couple of treatments my back was a lot better.  just a couple of months later, one day I realized my arm wasn’t hurting either!  Now I feel like going out in the barn to play with my horses again.  Thanks to you, Dr. Hardin."


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