Why Chiropractic Care is so Important for Kids

vertebraeA Vertebral Subluxation is when two bones get out of alignment and start putting pressure on a nerve, causing that nerve to begin to degenerate and die.

Most kids have one or two subluxations from trike wrecks, learning to walk, falling out of trees, playing sports, and from the birth process itself.

subluxation animation

normal_forceps_and_vacuum_birthWhen your head had to be twisted and pulled out of the birth canal, the torque or twist causes subluxation. Now typically when a kid gets one or more subluxation they’re asymptomatic, in other words there’s not much pain associated with it. They cry for a few minutes and then they’re done. But what happens is that a muscle will spasm or splint to protect that nerve, and as a result the kid can lose 5 to 10 degrees of their range of motion (ROM) that nobody notices.

Not all parents have learned to take their kids to a Chiropractor to have them checked so the parents let the kids grow up to have the same problems they do! Kids bounce back pretty well because they are growing so fast. But look at the misalignments in the spines the same as a broken arm that isn’t set right. It heals out of place, and as we get older, we learn to compensate for the bent arm, or crooked leg and for us it becomes ‘normal’.

h2-124The problem is, those nerves we talked about before don’t forget an injury to the spine, no matter how little; so as we get older, the once ‘un-felt’ problem continues to develop until one day WHAMMO! The smallest accident caused us severe pain… like the straw the broke the camel’s … well, you get the idea!

As we get older also, the disc degenerates; this happens as the body tries to heal a weak unstable joint by growing the bones together (this is also called ’arthritis’ by MD’s) Discs gets thinner and thinner, or you may have an unexpected blowout, such as when you’re bending over and you get a sudden intense pain– that could be from a herniated or bulging disc. We have helped thousands of people with disc problems and they avoid painful surgery!

h2-269Dr. Sammy Hardin has been a licensed chiropractor since 2001. He is trained in over 10 modalities of chiropractic and is licensed in acupuncture. He sees patients from newborns just a few days old to people in their 90s.  H2 Chiropractic is conveniently located in McKinney, TX near Hwy 75 and University Ave (Hwy 380).


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